America’s Rose Capital

As the mineral bath industry in Mount Clemens was becoming famous, another industry was growing that catapulted the region to national attention once more. From 1880, until twenty years after the First World War, there were 10 major growers of rose with more than thirty acres under glass. At some point, Mount Clemens became synonymous with the rose industry and was referred to as America’s Rose Capital.

The Clinton River was crucial to the development of Mount Clemens. From the initial settlement until the mid-1900s, citizens of Mount Clemens hunted, trapped, and fished along the banks of the Clinton River. Boat repair and building businesses prospered along the river. One of the boat builders in the region was the Hacker Boat Company, famous for building the Hacker-Craft. Very soon, boat companies were building commercial ships that were almost 200 ft long.

After the Second World War, a group of futuristic residents started what would become a 9-year journey of the City Charter’s reformation. From 1919 until this point, Mount Clemens had been governed by a Mayor and 4 elected commissioners. On 5th April 1954, a new City Charter was passed. The new City Charter called for a Mayor, 6 commissioners elected at large, and a City Manager type of government.

The importance of this political reform quickly became apparent with the physical reform that followed. In the Fifties and Sixties, there were several urban renewal projects in the old city that significantly changed the appearance of Mount Clemens. Recent downtown and riverfront developments such as a boardwalk, landscaping, and a marina enhanced the attractiveness of Mount Clemens. As one of the oldest cities and County Seat of Michigan, Mount Clemens remains a judicial and financial center. The city prides itself as a fine residential area, and its business people and residents are proud of Mount Clemens’ famous, elegant history and are enthusiastic about the region’s future.

Popular Events in Mount Clemens

Every year, there are various exciting events in Mount Clemens. The most famous of these events include the New Year’s Eve celebrations, Independence Day celebrations, an Art Fair, and the Santa Parade.

New Year’s Eve

Every year during New Year’s Eve, Mount Clemens hosts a lively and delightful Gala that the city’s residents look forward to all year long. The Gala features firework displays, fun family activities, as well as live entertainment to usher in the New Year.

Independence Day

Every 4th of July, millions of people across the United States host various events to celebrate the birth of America. The situation is no different for Mount Clemens. Each year towards the end of June, Mount Clemens puts on a spectacular fireworks display for the entire County of Macomb. The firework display starts at about 10 pm after live entertainment.

Art Fair

Another event that citizens look forward to in Mount Clemens, is the annual Art Fair. During the event, artists from various media and styles come together to showcase their talents. These media include jewelry, paintings, ceramics, and much more.

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