Prominent People and Historical Places of Mount Clemens

Santa Parade

The Santa Parade in Mount Clemens is held the day following Thanksgiving. The event ushers in the holiday season with an appearance from Santa, as well as music, marching bands, and floats.

Prominent People from Mount Clemens

You will be delighted to learn that one of your favorite actors hails from Mount Clemens. Dean Cain who plays the role of Superman and Clark Kent in the TV series Lois & Clark is a Mount Clemens native. The television sportscaster Dick Enberg is also a Mount Clemens native. Dick Enberg has worked at CBS, ESPN, and NBC. He started his career calling LA Angels baseball and LA Rams Football games. Currently, he calls play-by-play for MLB’s San Diego Padres. Another famous person from Mount Clemens is Mathew Shafer, also known as Uncle Kracker. Uncle Kracker’s music career dates back to 1994 when Kid Rock invited him to his band. In 2000, Uncle Kracker released his debut album and continues to do tours across the country to date.

Historical Places in Mount Clemens

Some of the most delightful historical places in Mount Clemens include the Crocker House, St. Joseph Sanitarium and Bath House, Carnegie Library, and St. Mary’s School.

Crocker House

The Crocker House was built in 1869 by Joshua Dickinson, Mount Clemens’ first mayor, and is named after George Crocker who moved into the establishment the following year. Following Dickinson’s demise, George Crocker became his successor. In 1908, the house was relocated so that a post office could be established. However, the family continued to reside in the house until 1921. In 1975, the Historical Society of Macomb rescued the Crocker House from Destruction, and the house is presently a museum of local history.

Saint Joseph Sanitarium & Bath House

Established in 1899, Saint Joseph Sanitarium & Bath House is Mount Clemens’ only remaining bathhouse. The bathhouse was designed by renowned architect Theophilus Van Damme, and comprised a budget of more than $175000.

Carnegie Library

Established in 1904, the Carnegie Building in Mount Clemens was Macomb County’s first Carnegie Library. Initially, the Carnegie Building was used as a public library, before it became an Art Center.

St Mary’s School

St. Mary’s School was built in 1870, following the instructions of Father Camillus Maes of a local Parish. It was Mount Clemens and Macomb County’s first catholic learning institution. In the school’s initial year, 3 nuns were appointed to cater to the education of 80 students.

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